Joy and tears, that’s how I would describe my first day with new bikepacking bags, which just arrived yesterday.

Just when I finished my breakfast, so excited, I ran to move my bike from a garage to a sunny deck. Next I dug out a turquoise and grey coloured Acepac bikepacking bags from a cardboard box. I started mounting with handle bar roll, fat bottle bags, frame roll bag, seat bag and in the end one of pot bags went to a front fork. After an hour of discovering and playing with bags and attempts of squeezing a big volume down sleeping bag into the bar roll I was ready to take first picture of my almost fully equipped bike. I used fire log as a stand, then I ran for a camera.

After dressed up

Flick.., flick.., Lovely! Suddenly a wind changed its direction and blew the bike of its balance. After a dull sound I counted losses. It wasn’t too bad, just bent rear break lever. „I can fix it, “ I thought. Just before a lunch time I took the bike into the garage, grabbed a pliers and went for it. First two tries weren’t that successful because pliers slipped away each time. „Third time lucky“ I thought. But instead of bending the lever end back into its right position I broke it. Bugger!

After fall over

Well, if I continued to break my bike without riding it I should start saving money for another three bikes which I will have to buy during our journey.

P. S. The bags are amazing!!!

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