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Official name: Kingdom of Thailand
Capital: Bangkok
Population: 66 mil.
Area: 513 000 km²
Currency: Thai Baht (THB) = 100 satang
Official language: Thai
Entering Thailand: usually a 30-day visa on arrival at international airports; 15-day visa at land borders; 60-day tourist visa through application at a Thai consulate
Climate: Tropical, wet and dry seasons
Good seasons for travelling (cycling): November – March, a cool and dry season follows the monsoons

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When we were there: 15.11. – 10.12. 2017 and 20.2. – 11.3. 2018
Total distance and altitude gain: 1670 km / 16897 m
Budget: will be updated
Highlights: Huai Nam Dang NP, Doi Ang Khang NP, Khao Yai NP, Chiang Rai – White and Black Temple
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