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Official name: New Zealand
Capital: Wellington
Population: 4 035 550
Area: 270 530 km²
Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD) = 100 cents
Official language: English, Maori
Entering New Zealand: Immigration office of New Zealand
Climate: Conditions vary sharply across regions, from very wet and very dry to subtropical
Good seasons for travelling (cycling): Spring to Fall (October – April)

Interesting websites:
Tour Aotearoa – bike event
Kennet Brothers – Pioneers of NZ Cycling
BIKEPACKING.com – Tour Aotearoa
The New Zealand Cycle Trail

When we were there: 13.10. – 14.11. 2017
Total distance and altitude gain: 1464 km / 15970 m
Budget: will be updated
Highlights: Queen Charlotte Trail, plavba po řece Whanganui, Timber Trail

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