Is it only our feeling or is the time flying faster last couple of days? We are counting down the last month in Wanaka and getting ready to go.

Bike and gear

I think I can say that our bikes are ready. But we are still working on gear lists. Last days we have been buying new stuff almost every single day. But it is going to be over soon and there will be only one more thing missing: to pack everything in the right place. You can check out our packlist here.


Our route is planned. Better said, we have got a list of countries, which we would like to visit before we come to Czech Republic. And to be honest, it was quite difficult. We had two simple conditions:

  1. we don’t want to go through Middle East and
  2. we want to see Nepal and Himalayas. According that, we have got what we have got and every country will be a challenge. But even we chose countries, which are from “the saver ones”, a political situation is changing all the time and we can’t say that border crossings will be open when we will need it. So the route can be completely different eventually.

Going through information about visas wasn’t easy and fun at all. And we haven’t finished yet. We have applied for visitor visas for New Zealand and before we leave Wanaka, we apply for Indian visa too. Rest of the visas will be solved while traveling. Southeast Asia should be easy, the real fun will start In China, Mongolia and Russia. But we will manage it. Somehow.


We have set a budget approx. NZD2000/month/couple. We believe it is a reasonable amount of money. And also we are not able to save more now. We will see if we can keep it.

Moving out

Willi-nilly, moving out of our apartment and out of Wanaka is a (sad) part of the preparation. We have been living in the same flat in the same town nearly 3 years and we fell in love with this place. All our live is now packed in three boxes: The first one with stuff which we are going to send back home, the second we are going to sell/donate and the third is going with us. Guess which one is the smallest.
Sometimes it was very hard to say goodbye to some of our beloved stuff. And also it was the first time when we had fully realized it. We are going to bike over a half of the Earth! It is a strange mix of feelings and I can’t say which one is the strongest…

Do you have any questions? Write a comment bellow and we will answer as soon as possible. In the meantime we continue with ticking off things on our to-do-list. We would like to start with some filming soon and we are also planning a weekend-trip to test fully loaded bikes. Stay tunned!

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